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It’s difficult to replace Jack Tocho, but Bradley Chubb is giving it a shot

NCAA Football: North Carolina State at North Carolina Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Did you think that title was about the play on the field? Haha, silly goose, Bradley Chubb and Jack Tocho don’t even play the same position. That’s funny, though, you got me. You’re always cracking me up.

No, what I meant was that NC State needed a replacement for “You Don’t Know Jack” in Tocho’s absence, and to fill his shoes they’ve elected Chubb, who is the host of the new webseries “Chillin’ With Chubb.”

Based on the debut (“bro, why are we in the cold tub?”) this has a promising future. I would embed the video of said debut, but whatever video service the school uses doesn’t make that possible, so you’ll have to click right here.

Just had an idea: maybe we call each sack victim a member of Chubb’s “chill count” this season? For example, Chubb recorded a sack in six different games last season, putting at least six guys in the chill count. (Sadly this does not include Mitch Trubisky.)