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NC State’s spring camp is coming to an end, so let’s watch Jaylen Samuels highlights

We have Jaylen Samuels, whereas other teams do not.

Florida State v North Carolina State Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images

NC State will conclude spring camp this weekend with the spring game on Saturday. Football is a welcome distraction this time of year, and this is all the college football we’re going to get until late August. The offseason always feels eternal.

Since we’re in something of a football mode this week, I was thinking about how we have Jaylen Samuels and no other teams have Jaylen Samuels. It’s fun for me to look back at what I wrote about Samuels when he committed out of high school. At the time I was incredulous that he scored touchdowns at such an insane rate, but it makes complete sense to me now.

Just take a look at this highlight reel from Samuels’ senior season in high school. This video makes it hard to believe he has ever been tackled.

The only thing missing from the above reel is an audition for quarterback. I found one, though.