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Idiots propose bill that would force NC State out of ACC if league boycotts North Carolina again

Well isn’t this neat.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-East Regional-Wisconsin vs Florida Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Continuing what has truly been an elite run of self-owns, Republican lawmakers proposed a bill in the NC General Assembly on Wednesday that would require both UNC and NC State to withdraw from the ACC if another boycott of the state were imposed by the ACC.

This is the stupidest shit I have ever read—it’s actually an entire new tier of stupid shit. Imagine the tallest building in the world, except it’s made out of shit, and it’s three times taller. If the butthurt man-baby lunatic nonsense that fostered this bill were a tangible thing, you could use it to build a bridge from here to the moon.

Imagine that you walked outside, picked up a rock, and then threw it at a plane you saw flying 35,000 feet above you, and as you did so yelled, “Got you! Pew pew!” You are seven years old and this is funny for some reason. That is the thought process behind this bill. You throwing a rock into the sky and hitting a plane has a more realistic chance of happening than UNC or NC State leaving the ACC over a boycott.

The bill was always going to be dead on arrival, of course, but at least the simpering mediocrities behind it can go home and yell at their constituents, “See! We tried!” That’s all this is about. As they whine about being bullied they impotently file bills with the exact same aim.

Compared to the hundreds of millions of dollars this impressive collection of dolts has cost North Carolina, this latest nonsense barely registers, but it is useful to have the occasional reminder like this one. Vain self-interest is a part of the human condition, and we all suffer from it. Most of us tend to be more subtle about it, that’s all.

When some legislators clumsily foist a platter of idiocy like this on to a national stage, they’ve earned all the scorn and ridicule they get.

So anyway, NC State and UNC are not leaving the ACC, and if they ever did, this proposed legislation would never be a factor in that process.