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NFL Draft 2017: Matt Dayes, Jack Tocho selected in seventh round

Good luck, fellas.

Georgia Tech v North Carolina State Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Both Jack Tocho and Matt Dayes and to wait a long time to hear their names called during the draft, but they were finally selected late on Saturday afternoon. Tocho was taken by the Minnesota Vikings, while Dayes is headed to the Browns.

I was a little surprised to see Dayes drop almost completely out of the draft—he was the second-to-last pick, narrowly avoiding becoming the latest Mr. Irrelevant. But teams don’t value running backs the way they used to, and Dayes has no true standout physical qualities, he’s just good at a lot of different things. So I can understand it, I guess.

Tocho I think will end up being a steal for Minnesota, but no doubt he has plenty to prove first. The Vikings drafted five players out of the ACC including Dalvin Cook, Stacy Coley, and Bucky Hodges, so Tocho will see some familiar foes lining up opposite him during camp.