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NC State’s football games against Notre Dame set through 2037

The future, Conan?

Notre Dame v North Carolina State Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

On Thursday the ACC announced additional matchups in football between its member institutions and its friend-with-benefits, Notre Dame. Previously the ACC-Notre Dame matchups had been set through 2026; now they’re set through 2037. The future!

What we already knew: NC State travels to South Bend this season, hosts the Irish in 2023, and visits Notre Dame again in 2025.

What’s new:

NC State hosts Notre Dame in 2029 and 2035. NC State plays at Notre Dame in 2031 and 2037. Assuming of course there is still a functional planet on which to play these games and that football is still a sport that people play. (Honestly I kinda hope it isn’t. A sport people play, I mean. I do very much hope the planet is still functional.)

So I guess, just put these dates on your planner. Sure it might be a tad optimistic to commit to taking a road trip that won’t happen for 20 years, but I believe in you. Exercise regularly and take care of your diet and you’ll be there in no time.