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NC State football’s video marketing is very good

Now we just need them to cut some highlight tapes from last season.

North Carolina State v North Carolina Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

NC State added some staffers this offseason whose sole job is to create recruiting/marketing material. They are pretty good at that. It’s hard to believe the videos below are being done in-house these days.

These videos kinda have a Friday Night Lights vibe to them, except without the Explosions In The Sky backing music (alas). It looks like this will be an ongoing series of videos throughout the offseason; it highlights both the talent on the roster and the work they put in to get better, which is a perfect combination for recruiting purposes.

This stuff not only sells the program in general, it also gives the coaches something they can show recruits and say “you could be in one of these videos some day.” That might sound silly to you, but it definitely can make a difference when a kid feels comfortable that the people helping to establish his image early in his career are, y’know, competent.