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Mike Glennon not happy about Bears’ decision to take Mitch Trubisky

On the bright side, he can go cry into his millions of dollars.

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at San Diego Chargers Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears traded up on Thursday to snag Mitch Trubisky, and as Rich Campbell of the Chicago Tribune reports, Mike Glennon was in the dark about that decision just like everybody else. Glennon was actually at the Bears’ draft party when the pick was made, which might have been just a little bit awkward all around.

Campbell reports that the decision damaged the trust between Glennon and Chicago GM Ryan Pace, with Glennon left feeling like he got “cheated on.” Which I can understand since he was given no advance warning about the whole drafting-your-future-replacement thing.

Glennon will be the starter for the Bears to begin this season, but now it doesn’t really matter how well he plays—there’s an expiration date on his tenure there, and it’s not as far in the future as it might have been otherwise.

But that’s how it goes in sports, and hey, Mike, it’s not like they can take all that guaranteed money away from you.