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Oddsmakers continue to favor NC State in season-opener against South Carolina

And they’re never wrong so we can totally go ahead and count this game as won.

NCAA Football: Independence Bowl-North Carolina State vs Vanderbilt Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Back in March, a super duper early line out of Vegas had NC State as a seven-point favorite over South Carolina, which was at least mildly surprising in a matchup of the lowly ACC against its imminence the Southeastern Conference. (Imagine trumpets blaring, as though a king were being introduced on the premises, each time you read the phrase “Southeastern Conference.”)

But that line has not moved much so far: the latest from 5Dimes has NC State -5.5 against the Gamecocks, which is still a pretty healthy margin. Not surprising it’s lower than it had been, though now it almost feels too low. Don’t mind me; it’s about this time of year when the 100% pure Colombian optimism starts to take hold.

I’m addicted to optimism and these sportsbooks might as well be a dealer. (If you’re low on optimism, don’t worry, I know a guy who knows a guy.)

The line is likely to fluctuate more in the coming months, once we hit unexpected preseason injury season at the start of August. I’d be fine with that not being a factor either way this year, if it’s cool with everybody.