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Can it be football season now?

I’ll regret football season by October, sure, but it seems like a good idea now.

North Carolina State v North Carolina Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Ah, the annual mental hamster wheel we put ourselves through every offseason. Maybe it’s more pronounced when you have a basketball program in turmoil, or maybe this always ends up being a period of reckless optimism regardless of any external circumstances.

What I’m saying here, of course, is that I’m real excited about football season and I wish it were football season already. I’m sure I will regret this sentiment sometime in mid-October, but nonetheless, here I am. It’s a sickness.

(Highlight vid by Reeves.)

There is a lingering feeling that this is a now-or-never season, considering how graduation will gut this team; few teams have the luxury to survive the losses State is gonna sustain after this year, but the whole point is to build toward an opportunity like this one.

That’s progress, no doubt—heck, we’ve even gotten to this point without an all-world quarterback! There’s probably sports pain and bad coaching decisions ahead but that is never an emotional deterrent this time of year, because those are completely abstract concepts this time of year. I never could or will be able to teach my brain otherwise.

Anyway, we have Jaylen Samuels.