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Josh Jones, Jack Tocho adjusting to new roles in NFL

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NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Often in football, moving up a level means switching positions, whether that’s high school to college or college to the pros. Both Josh Jones and Jack Tocho are likely to begin their NFL careers in different spots.

In Green Bay, the Packers have already started working out Jones at linebacker, which should help him see the field more quickly as a rookie:

For a good chunk of the practice Friday, Jones played inside linebacker. He did it in nickel in seven-on-seven work against the offense, and he even worked with the inside ‘backers when the team broke off into individual drills in the middle of the session.

It’s a pass-heavy league, after all, and according to that article, the Packers played nickel or dime more than 80% of the time last season. Jones can provide a boost to the Packers right away as a sort of hybrid defender.

Tocho, meanwhile, is unlikely to have much impact on the field for the Minnesota Vikings—that is if he makes the squad—but if he does see time it’ll be at safety.