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NC State reveals black alternate uniforms for Louisville Thursday night game

well hello there

NC State Athletics Communications

NC State will be wearing alternate uniforms for what could end up being a very big game against Louisville on October 5. The school unveiled the “Black Howl” concept on Wednesday afternoon and my first impression is that they are good.

It remains to be seen how the entire ensemble will look under the lights—maybe the jersey lettering ends up looking cheap—but that helmet is fantastic and I love the “Wolfpack” down the side of the pants as well. Looks like an improvement to me on the “Pack in Black” getup State has worn previously as alternates.

The most important thing with this stuff, of course, is that the players and recruits like them, because that’s who they’re for. Slick alternates, marketing, and recruiting all go hand-in-hand and these will definitely get noticed. (Especially on national television this October.) Something about alternates makes a big game feel a little bit bigger.