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ACC football championship odds: NC State at 40/1 to win the conference

Life in the Atlantic makes for long odds.

NCAA Football: North Carolina State at North Carolina Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

NC State has the sixth-best odds of winning the ACC football championship in the estimation of the Las Vegas SuperBook, but of course, there are three other Atlantic Division teams that have been given better odds. Shocking, I know. Florida State, which many expect to reach the playoffs, is the ACC frontrunner.

Miami and Virginia Tech are the favorites in the Coastal by a significant margin, though there’s a decent chance either one would be an underdog in the ACC title game, so y’know, it’s just another year in the ACC.

The oddsmakers have NC State on a tier by itself in the Atlantic—not in the elite class (Clemson, FSU, Louisville), but also well above the Syracuse/Wake Forest/Boston College tier. That feels about right to me, not that all those games against the latter three will be easy. We know better than that. (Though if the football gods in their infinite wisdom opt to make them easy, I will be okay with it.)