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ACC Football Kickoff update: UNC media member is salty about Jaylen Samuels’ shoes for some reason

North Carolina State v North Carolina Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Not sure any further illustration is necessary so I’ll just leave this all right here.

I don’t know why a dude would be bothered by the color of a man’s shoes, but then this incredible world holds countless mysteries. Is it the red that’s the problem? Is this a rejection of the notion of red shoes in conjunction with a suit? Does Ross Martin have an issue with shoes in general? We may never learn the answers to these profound and necessary questions.

Pretty much every year at the ACC media event, there are players who show off a little sartorial flair; it might be the jacket, might be the tie or socks or shoes, might be all of those things. Whatever, it’s normal by now. I just cannot imagine what might stick in the craw for any one media member, given all of that.

Anyway did you guys see that time where Jaylen Samuels scored several touchdowns against UNC?

Jaylen could have worn blue loafers, but why preempt the questions about UNC’s offensive line on Friday? That’d only be rude.