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NC State opens fall camp on Friday

Football season startin’ to feel closer.

North Carolina State v Syracuse Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Organized football-type substance returns to Raleigh on Friday when NC State opens up its 2017 training camp. On this occasion I always like to remind everyone to pray/make appropriate sacrifice to the god of your choice/knock on all nearby wood when it comes to injuries. Pray for the human body’s many vulnerable ligaments, tendons, and joints! We gotta be in this together.

On the eve of camp, NC State released a slick little position-by-position rundown, and I give them much credit for this portion:


What you know: That JaySam finally has a position that more closely matches what he does on the field (run, catch, block, score, leap tall buildings with a single bound, etc.). After being listed as a TE/FB for his first three years, he’s now listed as an h-back for 2017.

Even with so many starters returning, there’s a lot to watch as August progresses, since this also happens to be the first time most of the 2017 recruiting class will be involved in practices. Who will emerge opposite Mike Stevens at corner? How does Germaine Pratt fit in at linebacker? Is Reggie Gallaspy ready to take on a more substantial role at running back? How will the wide receiver rotation sort out?

Football stuff and things, hooray! Just be safe out there, kids.