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Mr. Wuf Twitter account takes jab at UNC; NC State removes tweet and apologizes


Troy v North Carolina State Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

UNC officials met with the NCAA’s Committee on Infractions this week to discuss the Heels’ forever-pending academic fraud case. Whoever is (or was) behind the official Twitter account of Mr. Wuf had a little fun with that, however briefly:

I mean, c’mon now, that’s pretty amusing. All in good fun, right? Who could be against a little mascot smack talk; it’s still the offseason, after all. The image of Mr. Wuf lounging in a chair on Tucker Beach is funny without even requiring context. (Not sure how he’s gonna fit into those flip flops though.)

NC State officials did not agree—they deleted the tweet and later issued an apology to UNC, calling the jab “disrespectful.” That’s no way to handle a good tweet at UNC’s expense, if you ask me. I would rather they openly encouraged this sort of thing as long as it remains as harmless as it was here.

Look, man, we’re all just passing the time until Week 1; let Mr. Wuf throw some shade from the shade. No need to make a thing a Thing, and besides, most of UNC’s athletics administration have been out of town and probably never would have noticed or heard about this anyway.

Let the jokes fly free, free as birds! And let UNC fans get their rejoinders in, as they will. And did—one guy managed to make a very lame bass fishing joke*** before the tweet was removed. It’s a rivalry, and it’s important not to take ourselves too seriously because it’s only sports.

(***This is the only supposed joke that a certain set of witless UNC fans are capable of coming up with. As though we aren’t over here like, “yeah our bass fishing teams are awesome thank you for reminding us!”)