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Jaylen Samuels No. 14 on ACC Digital Network’s list of top 30 ACC players

Football soon.

Florida State v North Carolina State Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images

I don’t have a good reason to write about this because lists like this don’t matter, but with that said, Jaylen Samuels. Football. Jaylen Samuels and football are soon. The ACC Digital Network places JaySam at No. 14 in its countdown of the top players in the league. Gave them an excuse to make a JaySam highlight reel, and it gave me an excuse to post it.

I’m excited about football season because I always am and I like the potential of the team this year but really I’m just ready to get back to watching Jaylen Samuels do what he does. It’s great to get back to football season, and more importantly, JaySam season.

Soon. We are but one eclipse and barely a fortnight from JaySam season. It’s been a long summer—always is—and we’re about finished with it. In some ways this is the best time of year because the optimism peaks and there’s only a clean slate ahead of you and you don’t think about the actual sports having the nerve to spoil it.