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Former NC State standout Bo Hines announces retirement from football

Hines’ Yale football career was brief.

Georgia Southern v North Carolina State Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

Former NC State wide receiver Bo Hines, here and gone in a flash to pursue his political aspirations at Yale, is done with football. Hines’ football career has been plagued by serious shoulder injuries, and since he left the Wolfpack he has played a total of four quarters of football.

Not surprisingly, Bo has a logical take on his decision to give up the game:

"After speaking with medical experts and several of my most trusted mentors, I believe that it is in my best interest to end my playing career. While I will always love this game, I feel as if it would be irresponsible for me to jeopardize my long term health," said Hines.

Football has always been a detour of sorts for Hines, anyway: he wants to be a politician and he is really driven about that, which is how you end up with the unusual story of a successful freshman football player leaving a power-five school for the Ivy League.

Hines got married this summer to a UNC grad (we’ll allow it), who is pursuing medical school. They are hoping to attend law school and medical school at the same place. (Dang overachievers!) According to that piece from the Hartford Courant, Hines would like to start his political career as the congressional representative of North Carolina’s ninth district. I wouldn’t put it past him.