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NC State receives votes in preseason Coaches’ Poll but is unranked

We’ll learn these coaches yet.

Wake Forest v North Carolina State Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images

The preseason USA Today Coaches’ Poll was released Thursday and NC State ranks eighth in the “others receiving votes” category, or 33rd overall. Head coach Dave Doeren is a voter this year and I assume he put us at No. 1 since that’s where we’ll end up come January, obviously.

The preseason No. 1 is Alabama, of course; the Crimson Tide received 49 first-place votes. Florida State and Clemson also received multiple first-place votes from the coaches.

FSU leads the way among ACC schools at No. 3, followed by the Tigers at No. 5, then Louisville at No. 17, Miami at No. 18, and Virginia Tech at No. 22. Pitt is next in line at 32nd, right ahead of the Wolfpack. Georgia Tech, UNC, and Syracuse (hm?) also received votes.

Once again underscoring the difficulty of Atlantic, State shares the division with the league’s top-three vote-getters. Just another year on that grind or some such whatever ugh god divisions are dumb as hell. (And not going anywhere!)