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Week 3 ACC Power Rankings: Clemson’s defense takes top spot; Lamar Jackson remains good

Remember when the ACC was the best football conference in the country?

Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl - LSU v Louisville Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Shoutout to that UNC linebacker who said they were gonna shut down Lamar Jackson. Good job good effort. The game of the year in the ACC takes place this week in Louisville when Clemson visits. Hopefully it is half as entertaining as last year.

1. Clemson. Clemson and the ACC needed this win very badly. It was ugly, but Clemson’s going to have to win ugly all year, especially this week against Lamar Jackson.

2. FSU. I can’t remember a time when teams had games canceled two weeks in a row because of weather, which speaks to the devastation Irma has caused. I think the Noles having two weeks off will help State more than it helps FSU.

3. VT. I hope the Hokies drop 69 points on Eastern Carolina. Scottie Montgomery could be off to a better start for the Pirates. (How many years of goodwill does beating the Pack buy Montgomery?)

4. Louisville. Apparently I am in the minority by not being impressed with Louisville’s roster outside of Lamar. My hot take of the week is that Louisville isn’t a bowl team without Lamar but my guess is that many of you will disagree.

5. Miami. Will the Canes play in front of more people on a Friday night in Durham, in Chapel Hill or at home against Notre Dame?

6. Georgia Tech. Jackets need to get off to a 2-0 start in the Coastal facing Pitt and the Heels at home.

7. NC State. Blah. Will Kelvin Harmon or Bradley Chubb get drafted higher?

8. Wake Forest. Deacons taking care of business so far, and they’ve got two cupcakes before they face a backup QB led FSU. One day NC State will go to BC and win 34-10 and it will be glorious.

9. Duke. The Devils have impressed as much as anybody the first two weeks. They could make things interesting in the Coastal based on their schedule.

(I’m not even sure where to go from here if we are being honest. The bottom of the conference is… rough, to put it nicely)

10. UNC-Chapel Hill. They honestly didn’t look as bad as I expected, but that’s not to say they looked good. I’m somewhat impressed they “only” gave up 47 to Lamar. I’m not sure how this team makes a bowl without catching a lot of breaks, which we all know Chapel Hill can NEVER catch a break.

11. Pitt. The Panthers play a tougher non conference schedule than the entire Coastal division combined, but that doesn’t mean they can’t play better.

12. Syracuse. Yeeeeeeeeesh. Chapel Hill isn’t the only “when does basketball season start” in the conference. Last week I thought Cuse could win 6 or 7 games, which shows you why they pay me the big bucks. (FWIW I think State is a 3 win team).

13. Boston College. I think I talk about State every week in the Eagles spot, and I will continue to do so because, well you know why.

14. Virginia. Maybe they aren’t the worst team in the ACC, but I will continue to think they are until the results definitively prove otherwise (or State beats BC).