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NC State documentary “ONE” episode 3 impressions

Boooo, no rolling this time.

Miami v North Carolina State Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

Episode 3 of the NC State football documentary "ONE" is now up. This may have been their best episode to date, although still a little lacking in the depth department.

The practice footage continues to be the highlight. Coach Doeren focused on the team's record when it wins the turnover battle, driving the point home how important this aspect is. This may have also been foreshadowing for the game later.

I appreciated the focus on Finley this week. I wouldn't have thought he was so vocal, but shouldn't have been so surprised, he is the quarterback after all. It was cool to see him lightly trash talking his teammates. He called Jalan McClendon's arm "bionic", not only encouraging him but also showing he doesn't seem threatened by his backup.

Defensive line coach Kevin Patrick's interview was relatively insightful, but mostly I always enjoy seeing throwback footage of those old "The U" teams. They patented swagger for college football teams. I like that he's talking about continuous improvement, here's hoping the defense keeps improving bc the schedule gets really tough after this week. It would be nice to hear his thoughts on South Carolina putting 35 points on them, but alas. Also, I'd like them to mic up Chubb, let's hear what he has to say.

The middle part focused on the home opener, and Carter-Finley looked great. Grounds crew footage never ceases to be cool, and boy am I jealous of any pics of tailgate food. Also, what is it about game replays that make me anxious even when I know what's going to happen? I think it's cool that the replay footage used different camera angles than the broadcast. They were more ground-centric, brings you into the plays better. Evans and Haynes radio commentary is always classic.

The team was really hyped after the win. They seemed to be feeding off of each other and the crowd. DD was much improved in his pep talks. Not all rah rah but that's not his style obviously. He doesn't have to be all loud and in everyone's face because clearly these players are responding to him.

I enjoyed this episode even if I would have liked just a little more depth into actually what they wanted to fix from South Carolina, rather than the generic "win or lose, put the game behind us" lines. I'm not expecting that to change in future weeks, just would be nice to have at least one line about they liked or didn't like about the game.

Next week’s episode will likely be similar barring some miracle PED allowing Furman to win, but hopefully we get some insight as the team prepares to open up ACC play against FSU.

And -1 for not having any gif’able moments. Step it up.