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BTP Pregame Predictions: Furman

So how’s this thing gonna go? Again, hopefully better than last week...

NCAA Football: Marshall at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

TheRealEssad “won” the guessing game last week with an almost spot-on prediction of the score in the win over Marshall. The BTP staff is back again to blindly throw darts at the wall in predicting the final score of what should be an easy Wolfpack win. Y’all probably know the deal by now, but here it is: Each BTP contributor provides their score prediction below, plus a Twitter-esque 140 character-constrained comment on their predicted outcome. Let’s get to it!


Prediction: 45-17 (W)

Comment: “Game will never be in question but defense will still give up points and long drives“


Prediction: 38-13 (W)

Comment: “State leads 28-3 early in the 3rd and the rest of the game is boring take-the-air-out-of-the-ball unwatchable nonsense“


Prediction: 41-14 (W)

Comment: “I've been a little overzealous with my first few predictions, but State will dominate and offense will come out better than last game.“


Prediction: 55-10 (W)

Comment: “Finley and Harmon both have big days as the Pack rolls“


Prediction: 52-14 (W)

Comment: “Everybody does really good at football against an overmatched opponent and State blows out a team it should blowout“

Steven Muma

Prediction: 48-21 (W)

Comment: “Confidence in defense is not high, repeat, not high. Offense gonna roll though.“


Prediction: 52-16 (W)

Comment: “Defense steps it up but the triple option is still able to move the ball. Offense continues to hum along“


Prediction: 49-17 (W)

Comment: “Option keeps our defense off balance, but offense faces weak resistance (Elon scored 34 on them; we should get close to 50)“

BTP Staff Cumulative Prediction: 48-15 (W)

Agree? Disagree? Want to debate the superiority of soft shell vs hard shell tacos? Let us know in the comments!