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NC State strolls past Furman, 49-16

NCAA Football: Furman at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

It may not have been done immediately, but NC State’s defense took care of business on Saturday afternoon and NC State cruised to a 49-16 victory. Furman nailed a trio of field goals, one of which they did not earn, to make the game appear closer than it was, and it was never close.

NC State’s offense was good about realizing that it was blowing Furman off the line of scrimmage and while the Wolfpack came out throwing the ball, the adjustment was pretty quick. State’s offense could do absolutely whatever it wanted on Saturday afternoon, and also it did all of that.

This was not necessarily a huge confidence-building victory, but then again who the hell cares, we won a football game. Jaylen Samuels scored three touchdowns. We won at the sports, wooo good job, this is not that important.

So anyway next week everything is going to get serious against Florida State.