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‘ONE With Wolfpack Football’ episode 4 impressions

“Are you in love with football?” Yes, maybe a little too much.

NCAA Football: Furman at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

“ONE With Wolfpack Football” returns again with another installment. I am just realizing now each episode has a different subtitle. The first three have been “One Pack One Goal”, “Urgency”, “Focus”, respectively. This week we are apparently talking about “Competition”.

This was a "your princess is in another castle" episode. Just rinse and repeat. But that’s not really a bad thing, except when Dave Doeren continues to say things like, “We want to be better in week 3 than we were in week 2”. We get it. Plus he’s talking about being a competitor. See we’re tying into the episode theme already.

I’m sort of live blogging my thoughts as I watch this week.

  • Oooh they’re interviewing Safeties coach Aaron Henry this week, let’s see if they can acknowledge all the big plays they’ve given up? …. (waits) …. Nope.
  • Do you think the film makers are working their way through the staff, or do they think they know the fans’ concerns about the secondary? Probably not, right? Probably just a coincidence.
  • Anyway, I like the idea of the “Camera Club”, being in the picture when the play is over. The coaches are preaching swarming to the ball, and also getting takeaways. The turnover battle is key, so they are right to emphasize it.
  • Breakout receiver Kelvin Harmon’s interview was quite insightful. I enjoyed his story about how he wasn’t widely recruited, and uses that as motivation. This young man is definitely making the most of the opportunity he was given. He’s a very competitive person in case you didn’t know (theme!).
  • He also threw what appeared to be a 30 yard pass to a receiver in stride. Now I’m going to be bummed if we don’t see a trickeration play with Harmon throwing to a streaking Finley. Hey, it worked with Rivers.
  • Probably makes sense that the strength and conditioning coach beat him in a grip contest. That guy has cannons where his biceps should be.
  • On a side note I really like the practice jerseys, where the adidas stripes fade in the back. Make those more like wolf rips please.
  • Moving into the game clips now, man those helmets looked so good. Nice seeing DD out there throwing some shirts into the crowd. The weather in Raleigh looks great right now, bee tee dubs. The sky stays gray in New Jersey.
  • The following picture actually showed a ton of insight into how the team plans their prep for home games. I could honestly spend a lot of time talking just about this pregame schedule.
  • “Stops To Do Team Sway” - WAIT, this thing is planned out to the minute and is not an impromptu hype move?? This might be the biggest revelation of the whole series. My mind is blown and my world is shattered.
  • Is it weird that every word is capitalized? This seems weird.
  • Also, do they need the “BEAT FURMAN” at the end? That’s not implied? Okay I need to move on or I could stay here all day.
  • 18:12 mark: J-Sam keeps his head on a swivel and wins a tip drill. Little heads up plays like this keep drives alive and win ball games.
  • Once again DD shows improvement in his postgame speech. Dropping the mic with the game ball to Boone was a nice touch. The team really seems like they’re hanging on his every word, they’re locked in knowing ACC play is here. “Take care of your bodies, be smart, back to work tomorrow, let’s go get Florida State!”
  • Love that. I was lukewarm at best with Doeren returning this year, I have to be honest. If this series has done anything, it’s really increased my respect for him as a leader and motivator. Actual football coach and strategy wise, he’s getting there, but he gets everyone to buy in. I’m about to strap some pads on and run out there myself. But maybe that’s just the kool aid talking.