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Jaylen Samuels and quiet greatness

We appreciate that he’s great, but maybe not enough.

NCAA Football: North Carolina State at Florida State Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

The thing that’s difficult to process about Jaylen Samuels is that he is asked to do a lot of things well, and he does, but these things do not always result in highlight reel plays. We are conditioned to understand and appreciate that great players make great plays. Jaylen has never really been that guy, though, at least from a highlight reel perspective. But he is great, sometimes in small ways.

See that fourth down run, which is among the most brilliant plays I’ve ever seen. That was a huge, decisive play, and an incredible fit of instinct that will go otherwise unnoticed in the box score.

It’s difficult sometimes to explain Jaylen Samuels to people who don’t know Jaylen Samuels. I can’t articulate how he’s so good, but I would definitely point to that touchdown. It’s the little things that mean a huge deal, and nobody is better at the details than JaySam, and if that were not the case, NC State would not be leaving Tallahassee with a win.