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ONE with Wolfpack Football - episode 5, “FAITH”


NCAA Football: Furman at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Here we GO! I was hyped to watch this episode, still feeling the heat from Saturday’s win over FSU. Episode 5 of ONE with Wolfpack Football is aptly titled “FAITH”, and it did not disappoint.

Faith is what coach Doeren has been preaching for a long long time. It has taken a long time, seemingly too long at times, to get here, but he got his first signature win. Hopefully the first of many.

  • I like how the opening credits have been showing clips from the game, it’s a nice touch. Also, the opening shots of the sleds set the tone well.
  • “I think we’ve had a chip on our shoulder since week 7 of last season”. Nuff said.
  • They played the tomahawk chop during practice!? That’s well done.
  • This week’s coach interview is Eddie Faulkner, Special Team Coordinator, Tight Ends & Fullbacks. When he says that the veterans have learned from their tough losses in the past, you saw that energy in the FSU game.
  • Just like coach Henry from last week, Faulkner is another example of a great member of the coaching staff DD has built. As the head coach, he gets credit and criticism for how the team performs, but it falls to every member of the staff that must be able to connect with their unit. The fact that his guys are getting TATTOOS of their person motto shows how locked in these players are to this staff right now.
  • Senior Nickel Shawn Boone drives the point home about trusting the process. He’s one of the players Doeren has been able to recruit from Florida, but that also unfortunately meant that his family home was struck by hurricane Irma. Can’t imagine being separated from your family in that kind of situation.

Game time

  • FSU opponents have a a 13% win percentage at Doak Campbell. Wow.
  • Coach Henry and Doeren both gave great speeches. I might get “ALL YOU GOTTA BE IS YOUR BEST” on a poster. Great stuff.
  • Again, the Tuffy helmets must stay. Can’t say it enough.
  • Can we get a gif of that Meyers juke? I know the flip is money, but that juke was great.
  • Coaches jumping and chest bumping players as they’re coming off the field is just the best.
  • I guess movies have always told me that teams just hear from the head coach at halftime. I never thought different units would break out to discuss separately. This makes total sense in hindsight.
  • Doeren: “All gas. 30 minutes, you got what you wanted. You want it more than they do. Take it from them.” F#$% YES.
  • Another gif request: Jay-Sam hopping into the endzone. More of that please.
  • Loved all the players talking about finishing the game, especially Hines saying he’s tired of losing the fourth damn quarter. You’re not the only one, brother.
  • Let that catharsis wash over you as you soak in all the well deserved celebrations, the never quitting Jimmy V mentality, you’ve earned it. Maybe not as much as the guys on the field who killed themselves for the win, but you killed your liver the last few years with those tough losses, so enjoy this one.



(no seriously, please don’t be done. do not lose to Syracuse. this would make me sad)