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Week 5 ACC Power Rankings: NC State joins the party

Jaysam da gawd

NCAA Football: North Carolina State at Florida State Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

It took over four full football seasons, but Dave Doeren finally has his signature win, and I think it will catapult the Pack to a huge season. This is the best win that any ACC team has so far this season, but that will change this weekend when Clemson takes on Virginia Tech.

1. Clemson. Not sure who made the Tigers’ road schedule, but they must have some dirt on Dabo Swinney.

2. Virginia Tech. Hokies step up their competition level, just a tad, this week against Clemson.

3. NC State. Defense! Field Goals! Jaysam! Chubb! Dave Doeren! Big Wins! Jaysam! Football! (Please make sure this one matters in the long run. I am begging you.)

4. Miami. Next two weeks will determine whether or not the Canes contend for the Coastal.

5. Florida State. Part of me feels bad for the Noles, but then again, I don’t. Not even a little bit. Out of the top 25 though? Nah.

6. Duke. Nice start but I don’t think they’ve played a bowl team yet so....

7. Louisville. Who decided the Cards should get two cupcakes before they come to Raleigh? I just wanna talk.

8. Wake Forest. -Not- an ideal time to face FSU and Clemson in back to back weeks, not that there is ever an ideal time.

9. Georgia Tech. Won the first of two must wins, now they host Chapel Hill this week. A crossover game against Clemson doesn’t their cause.

10. Virginia. I gotta say, the Cavs traveling to Boise and coming back with a win is not something that I expected to happen.

11. Syracuse. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried, at least a little bit. They did just pour it out against LSU so that should help our cause. We should be okay either way though.

12. UNC-Chapel Hill. They only gave up 27 points and almost filled the whole stadium, so that’s basically a win for them.

13. Boston College. 7-7 against Clemson in the fourth quarter is pretty good, and hopefully gets State fans off the idea that Clemson is some unbeatable giant and we have no chance.

14. Pittsburgh. Safe to say I was wrong on Pitt. I thought they would surprise and contend for the Coastal, instead they’ve been surprisingly bad.