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Dakwa Nichols’ NC State career ended Saturday, and it shouldn’t have, but this universe is cruel and pointless

Why, why do sports have to do this to good people?

NCAA Football: William & Mary at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Dakwa Nichols has never been a big part of the rotation at running back—you might not even know his name—but he has been a mainstay at NC State for a long time. Didn’t leave, didn’t quit. Maybe he should have, but he didn’t.

The quiet hard work he’s put in has amounted to a few carries on game day here and there, and this is his senior year, and he was still never set to get much burn but there he was on Saturday, breaking it down the right sideline, when he was pulled down by his facemask and both his knees were ruined. (Google the video if you want; i’m not linking it here)

I’m just sad. I hate this shit. Football is so terrible and there is never a reason to it. Nichols didn’t deserve what happened to him on Saturday. No one deserves that. But sheer random circumstances melt together and a good kid who has had limited chances gets his entire career ended on one stupid play.

Sports are bad and the universe is unfair.