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Ryan Finley Returning for Final Year as NC State QB

Let’s run that offense back

North Carolina v North Carolina State Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Ryan Finley officially announced today that he will be returning to NC State for his final year of eligibility. Finley already graduated in 2016 and is working on his masters degree. There were rumblings that he would leave for the NFL after this season. One has to wonder if the Wolfpack had secured a couple more wins whether this would have happened, but I’m glad we can put those questions to bed.

As Alec pointed out in his way too early depth chart, next year’s offense is going to be very experienced. Having Finley back to command all the weapons on the field should bring an increased level of confidence for fans already speculating about next year’s team (What’s that you say? There’s basketball being played right now? I hadn’t heard).

The official statement shows the continuing trend of players buying into the culture Dave Doeren has built. Guys want to stay and help the program succeed. And with the human cheat code no longer at Lousville, Finley has a chance to move up to first team All-ACC next season after finishing on the third team this year.

For those wondering, players have until January 15, 2018 to declare for the NFL draft. Nyheim, we’re all assuming you’ll be back but maybe you could go ahead and say it out loud just so it’s official?