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BTP Pregame Predictions: Clemson

So how’s this thing gonna go? Hopefully with a program-defining win

Clemson v North Carolina State Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

NC State heads down to ‘Death Valley’ to take on one of the top teams and programs in all of college football. Both teams are undefeated and coming off a bye, which means that they should be well prepared and focused in this fight for the inside track of the ACC Atlantic Division.

The Tigers have been the class of the ACC over the last few seasons, winning three straight ACC titles and recruiting at an elite level. While the overall raw talent for Clemson may surpass that of the Wolfpack, NC State has a clear advantage in the experience level of what is considered the most important position on the field, QB.

The last two meeting between these two programs has come down to the wire. Can the Wolfpack go into the house of the Tigers and earn the ‘W’ in what is arguably the biggest game for the program in 16 years?

Each BTP contributor provides their score prediction below, plus a “classic” Twitter-esque 140 character-constrained comment on their predicted outcome. Let’s get to it!


Prediction: 30-37 (L)

“The Blonde Bomber makes a few more plays to win another one possession game in this matchup, Pack will settle for 11 wins after stalling in redzone.“


Prediction: 31-30 (W)

“Finley > true freshman in the fourth quarter of a tight game. Cement your legacy, fellas.“


Prediction: 34-24 (W)

“Pack jumps out to early lead; never trails in an efficient and clean effort. Doeren & Crew outcoach Dabo-doo.“


Prediction: 31-41 (L)

“Clemson gets up early and State spends the whole game fighting back. A late FG finishes it for Clemson“


Prediction: 23-30 (L)

[no comment provided]


Prediction: 20-30 (L)

“I’d like to use my 140 characters just to say that I really don’t like Dabo’s face.“


Prediction: 30-27 (W)

“State kicks a FG as time expires to exorcise the demons from two years ago and win in Death Valley“

BTP Staff Cumulative Prediction: 28-31 (L)

Agree? Disagree (how could you even disagree with wroncsu’s comment, though)? Want to discuss which opposing coach you hate the most? Let us know in the comments!