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NC State starts slow and can’t finish in 51-41 loss at Syracuse

Figures how predictable this whole thing was.

North Carolina State v Syracuse Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

NC State has made slow starts a policy this season, and that’s fine against the Georgia States of this wretched planet, but it tends to be a problem against football teams with a pulse. State fell behind 24-7 over the first 15 minutes on Saturday and had to play catch-up the rest of the night. That didn’t work.

Ryan Finley had a huge evening, throwing for nearly 500 yards, and Kelvin Harmon was fantastic, but both of those efforts came from behind the sticks. NC State has a good offense sometimes, when it wants to.

It’s a confounding thing to watch sometimes, because these guys should be more consistent than they are, they should obviously be a lot more consistent. And then somehow they look rattled in a road game like this one, where it takes them an hour to wake up.

I don’t know what you do to fix that, honestly. It’s late October, so most likely, there is no fix. It’s just how this is gonna be.