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Kelvin Harmon had a career-defining day in NC State’s loss to Syracuse

His team lost, so it’s easy to forget just how good Kelvin Harmon was on Saturday.

NCAA Football: North Carolina State at Syracuse Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Setting aside the wide variety of annoying things that come with losing, it’s a bummer that Kelvin Harmon’s huge performance on Saturday is quickly going to dissipate into the ether because NC State lost. In fact, I’ve already blocked out what I’m writing about and have moved on to eating a lot of candy to make myself feel better.

Hm? Oh right, sorry.

Before I go ahead and burn the tape from yesterday, it’s worth noting just how good Kelvin Harmon was against Syracuse. Eleven receptions, 247 yards, two touchdowns. He’s always been capable of a huge game like this one, and when he’s at his best, it’s amazing to watch. He about near saved State’s bacon. (Alas, there’s only one of him, and the one of him only plays offense.)

Kelvin Harmon and Ryan Finley are so good that the back-shoulder throws feel routine. That last touchdown is a lot harder to pull off than they make it look. These guys are pros, though. And Harmon should be getting a lot more attention after pillorying the Orange secondary the way he did.