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BC running back AJ Dillon’s status questionable for NC State game

Temple v Boston College Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Boston College star running back AJ Dillon suffered a left-ankle injury during the Eagles’ win over Temple last weekend that has his status up in the air. He hasn’t been practicing this week, and the Eagles may not know if he can play against NC State until game day.

Anything that pushes Boston College away from the ground game even a little bit is probably to NC State’s advantage, not to mention that Dillon is a ridiculous monster human that weighs 400 pounds and runs a 4.3-forty*.

(*I haven’t personally fact-checked these numbers but I’m certain they’re in the ballpark.)

The Eagles have a couple of running backs who have been effective in spot duty behind Dillon, though: Ben Glines has 175 yards on 33 carries (5.3 YPC) and David Bailey has 16 carries for 104 yards (6.5 YPC).

BC isn’t just going to abandon running the ball if Dillon is out—they average over 51 carries per game; it’s in the DNA—but no doubt their odds of a big game in that facet grow longer.