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Highlights! NC State is punctual

Florida State v North Carolina State Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

When NC State’s offense is working properly, the hard part is finding the proper point of emphasis—beyond Ryan Finley, obviously. Finley keys a lot of it, but he’d be toast on the ground without the linemen who manage to keep him upright. Finley also makes NC State’s offensive line look really good.

State is lucky to be good at all of the most significant points—the quarterback is good, the offensive line is good, the wide receivers are good, the defensive line is going to break a few things. Have fun trying to beat that mix. NC State beat FSU by three scores for a reason.

You go on and try to stop all of that. Kelvin Harmon potting one is mundane, Jakobi Meyers is dunking behind your cliche, and Emeka Emezie having a hand in everything is just kinda the thing he does.

Now replace all the names you associate with offensive success with Garrett Bradbury, Justin Witt, BIG T, Justin Jones, Josh Fedd-Jackson, Kendall Brown, Tyler Jones, Bryce Swackhammer ... wait a minute. Bryce Swackhammer? Is this a plant?