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No, Dave Doeren isn’t taking the Kansas job

Florida State v North Carolina State Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

Kansas head coach David Beaty was fired this weekend as Kansas closed yet another pathetic chapter in its sorrow-riddled football history. There is no more derelict and pointless a program in the power conferences, and it is beyond reviving.

The job is so bad that you might as well call it a career after getting fired from it—though at least you made a few million bucks along the way.

You might have heard that Dave Doeren is from Kansas. Shoot, Dave Doeren was once an assistant coach at KU. Which is apparently enough evidence to suggest that he might be a primary target in KU’s coaching search. And CBS Sports’ Dennis Dodd might be right about that. But see here’s the thing: either Doeren has an insane, abiding love for the state of Kansas like no one in history, or he is a sane person. I suspect the latter is more likely.

You never know with these things, but Kansas of all places would be the worst way for Dave Doeren, who turned down the Tennessee job this past offseason, to leverage his recent success. And despite Dodd’s remarks, there is no way KU is out-paying NC State for Doeren.

Dave has a good contract, his program is in great shape, and he’ll have a say in who NC State hires as its next athletics director. That’s sitting pretty right there. Dodd also adds some nonsense about Doeren having to compete with Clemson every year, as though the plight for Kansas is any better in the near- or long-term. Iowa State just blew the Jayhawks out. As far as Kansas football is concerned, there’s nine Clemsons in its league. It’s bogus reasoning.

There’s nothing here. In closing, though, I would like to point out this incredibly [sic]-laden paragraph that has been living in Dodd’s piece all damned day. All day! New media gotta stop pivoting to video and think about hiring back some copy editors.

Doeren came close to getting Tennessee, then came back got the Wolfpack out to a 6-0 start. Probably the biggest reason he’d leave a better program is the cement ceiling known as Clemson. Doeren competes in the same division, yjr ACC Atlantic. Doeren would probably get a nice pay boost at Kansas, but how long would it take to turn around? He was a former KU assistant under Mark Mangino.