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NC State wearing new black alternate uniforms against Wake Forest

For the second year in a row, it’s a Thursday night blackout.

NC State Athletics Communications

For the first time this season, NC State is showing off some black alternate uniforms, and maybe the best helmet color/logo combo it’s ever had. This Thursday’s game against Wake Forest is a blackout, so wear black and such.

I love the simplicity of the matte black helmets this year—no stripe, just the regular Tuffy logo.

For reference, these were the matte black alternate helmets State wore on a Thursday night against Louisville last season:

(Those helmets are also very good, for the record.)

Last season’s alternates were a more dramatic departure from the normal uniform template, while this year’s haven’t changed much other than the base color. Which is fine by me. These are gonna look good.

Now that I’ve seen these helmets, I’d be curious what standard red/white lids look like without the stripe down the middle. Maybe that should be the move, from a branding perspective, going forward. But one thing at a time.

What do y’all think?