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2018 Gator Bowl: Final thoughts on NC State-Texas A&M

East Carolina v North Carolina State Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

I’m having a hard time getting a read on the NC State-Texas A&M matchup, but then it’s often hard to figure how bowl games are gonna go. Does one team care more than the other about being there? Does coaching turnover within a staff really make a big difference? Who can say!


1.) Texas A&M has only nine takeaways all season, which is aberrant, particularly for a team that can be pretty disruptive at the point of attack. The Aggies have managed only five interceptions, and two of those belong to Donovan Wilson, who isn’t playing. Advantage Ryan Finley.

2.) Does NC State need to run the ball effectively tonight in order to win? I doubt it. It’d help a lot, sure, but I expect the passing game will be productive enough to carry the offense, if need be.

3.) The Pack’s gonna be playing from behind on field position, most likely. I’m going to go ahead and concede that advantage to A&M and it’s All-American punter. He’s been setting up their defense with good field position all year and that’ll continue. Hopefully a lot! Because if they’re punting a lot, you know, they’re punting.

4.) NC State is finally going to connect on a good trick play. We’re due.

5.) The Wolfpack wins, 34-28, because sure why not.