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Freshman Chris Dunn will be NC State’s field goal kicker in 2018

This is not so much a surprise.

NCAA Football: Sun Bowl-Arizona State vs North Carolina State Ivan Pierre Aguirre-USA TODAY Sports

In an announcement that will surprise approximately none people, Dave Doeren said Thursday that incoming freshman Chris Dunn will be the placekicker for NC State in the fall. Dunn beat out Kyle Bambard and Carson Wise, who may not play again in college because of a leg injury.

From Doeren’s teleconference:

Q. What’s your assessment of the place kicking situation coming out of spring?

DAVE DOEREN: I was really pleased with Chris Dunn as an early grad, transferred in. Was very consistent every day. Has great work ethic and detail and has a nice routine he feels comfortable with. The pressure kicks that he had in front of the team and with the rush, he did a tremendous job and our snapper and holder have done a nice job helping him kind of adapt and not have a lot of things to worry about. So he will be our starting kicker.

The kickoff part of it, we haven’t really made a decision on yet between him and Kyle Bambard.

Dunn is a well-regarded recruit who has gotten a rather unusual amount of attention from the fan base what with the whole terrible kicking situation that we’ve endured for several years now. It’s amusing in a way, but, y’know, when a weakness endures for so long, it’s hard not to fixate on it, even if that weakness happens to involve a part of the kicking game. THIS IS ALL IMPORTANT, PEOPLE.

Just remember that Chris Dunn is not going to immediately become a superhero field-goal-kickin’ machine who can make anything from three counties over. Probably. I’m saying that probably will not happen. Wouldn’t rule it out. I’m just trying to be realistic.