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Jaylen Samuels selected in the 5th round of the NFL Draft by the Pittsburgh Steelers

North Carolina v North Carolina State Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Wooooooooo. It took longer than we would have liked but Jaylen Samuels is off the board in the fifth round, and he’s going to a franchise that generally knows what it’s doing, which is encouraging as well. Samuels was the 28th pick of the fifth round, and he is now a Pittsburgh Steeler. Congratulations, Pittsburgh. Now don’t screw up the touchdown man. Thanks.

It’s anticipated that JaySam will spend most of his time at the next level playing running back, but obviously there are few limits to what the Steelers could do with him. I’m excited to see how this works out, and heck, man, JaySam could be scoring touchdowns in the playoffs this winter. That’s pretty damn cool.

Samuels is the seventh player off the board for NC State this weekend, and the only other school with that many draft picks is Alabama.