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Appropriate of nothing, here are some Torry Holt and Philip Rivers highlights

Tory Holt #81

The ACC Digital Network is running a series on ACC football’s all-time great players, and recently they’ve featured both Torry Holt and Philip Rivers. I’m skeptical of things like this from them, but these videos are actually lengthy and worth watching. Especially if you are starved for NC State football.

Torry Holt was so great that he scored five touchdowns on the road against a vintage Bobby Bowden Florida State team, then came back the next year and accounted for almost all of the Wolfpack’s points in its upset over the Seminoles. Beating FSU may not seem as huge a deal nowadays, but it was then. That FSU loss in Raleigh was just its second-ever defeat as a member of the ACC.

And then there is Philip, who in 2001 authored the first-ever road win by an ACC team at Florida State. He is as much responsible for establishing the modern era of NC State football—improved fan support, facilities, etc.—as anyone else.