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NC State football’s initial win total set at 7.5 by Vegas

Place your bets.

North Carolina State v Boston College Photo by Tim Bradbury/Getty Images

It wouldn’t be the offseason with some gambling-based sports speculating—which is now entirely fine in the eyes of the Supreme Court! (Finally. Sheesh. Now do poker next.) BetOnline released its over/under win totals for college football teams last week, NC State included.

The official super initial win total for the Wolfpack is 7.5, so are you taking the over or the under on that? The non-conference schedule is extra-tricky this season, but in the spirit of June, which will soon be upon us, I’m going to take the over. That is probably stupid, however, on the other hand we have Ryan Finley.

Finley will get to explain exactly how good he is this fall, and he’ll have a good offensive line in front of him, too. And I just never much care about turnover at running back. I don’t think it matters significantly who is plugged in there when. That group is going to be fine and the offense is going to score a lot of points.

Hm? What was that about the defense? Sorry, I wasn’t listening.