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Freshmen Xavier Lyas and Isaiah Moore reinstated to NC State football program

North Carolina State v Boston College Photo by Tim Bradbury/Getty Images

Five NC State football players were disciplined for their presence at a Wolf Village party last July. Two of them—Antoine Thompson and Kevince Brown—were kicked off the team. Three others were suspended, including freshman linebacker Isaiah Moore and freshman defensive end Xavier Lyas.

Joe Giglio reported Monday afternoon that those two players have been reinstated after serving a year-long suspension. (Both players redshirted in 2017.)

The third player serving a suspension was running back Erin Collins, who has opted to transfer from the program.

The July party in question involved both alcohol and marijuana, and also resulted in multiple sexual assault accusations—hence the Title IX investigation on the university side, which ran independently from the athletics department investigation.

All of the players involved were members of NC State’s 2017 recruiting class. Lyas and Moore were both three-star prospects out of high school.