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Beer sales at Carter-Finley Stadium may be closer to reality thanks to NCGA

Cheers, lads.

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Tuffy will personally paw-deliver each keg as shown in the above artist’s rendering.
Photo by Jim Urquhart/Getty Images

The North Carolina General Assembly passed some alterations to its ABC laws on Tuesday, and in so doing may have opened the door for alcohol sales at Carter-Finley Stadium. You can read the entire bill here if you want. The requirements laid out for legal alcohol sales at sports venues are the important bits, though:

Sports and entertainment venue. – Stadiums, ballparks, and other similar facilities with a permanently constructed seating capacity of 3,000 or more which are not located on the campus of a school, college, or university.

This would seem to clear the way for booze, booze, and more booze! Unless by some technicality Carter-Finley qualifies as an on-campus venue.

You may be wondering if NC State’s administration is on board with potential alcohol sales on the concourses at Carter-Finley (you can already get your fix in Vaughn Towers, if you are fortunate enough to have the access), but worry not, the answer is yes:

(That response is from Debbie Yow, for those of you not familiar with her Twitter account.)

So, yes. Beer? Beer. Soon? Maybe! Get to work on your acting and fake I.D. presentation, underage students!