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NC State announces addition of parking lots for football season

Get your walking shoes ready.

NCAA Football: North Carolina at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

As you may have heard by now, NC State lost the Trinity and TX parking lots to a Georgia-based developer that plans to turn that land into student housing. That was some prime tailgating territory, and its loss has understandably been lamented by a lot of Wolfpack fans.

It’s also forced NC State officials to find replacements for the 1,500 parking spaces they lost in the sale, and they’ve done that. Unfortunately, these spots are a wee bit farther away from Carter-Finley Stadium.

This is probably the best they could do under the circumstances, though obviously it is far from ideal for the folks who are getting displaced. It’s quite the hike to the stadium from these new lots, so if you end up parking there, make sure your tailgating fundamentals are polished before the season begins.

And hey, if nothing else, I guess this is an excuse to start tailgating earlier in order to make up for the extra 20 minutes it’s gonna take to walk to Carter-Finley.