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Video: NC State football’s top rivalry moments against UNC

These are certainly not everyone’s top five, but here’s what the ACC Digital Network has for ya.

Philip Rivers jogs onto the field Photo by Craig Jones/Getty Images

We have been fortunate to enjoy a lot of great moments against UNC in this century—the Wolfpack is 11-7 against the Tar Heels since moving on from whatever voodoo hex had been placed on poor Mike O’Cain. Seven of those 11 wins have been by double-digits. See that’s fun.

The ACC Digital Network has been filling the offseason with some clips from the league’s best rivalry game moments, and here’s there top five for NC State vs. UNC. They’ve included a couple of memorable finishes from the Dick Sheridan in here, but the rest are much more recent.

This list is hardly comprehensive and no doubt up for debate since we all have our own favorite moments, for a variety of different reasons. I would include the entire second half of the 2002 game as one of mine, since we spent those 30 minutes methodically grinding UNC’s defense into a very fine dust.

This play from 2003 was also good, I feel:

Here are some other good ones from the Gifmaster: