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Dave Doeren is just livin’ the dream these days, man

North Carolina State v North Carolina Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Dave Doeren seems to be in pretty good spirits these days, and he should be considering how his offseason has gone: first a lucrative contract extension, then an impressive string of recruiting successes.

Doeren was spreading those positive vibes on Monday at the annual triangle pigskin preview dealio that brings together all of the area’s college football head coaches. Larry Fedora, near as I can tell, managed not to weep openly at any point. I was proud of him.

The Wolfpacker has your recap of Doeren’s remarks, plus some video from the Q&A portion of the event. Dave did have one unfortunate moment, though: he used the word barbecue to refer to his grill, which is a terrible offense ‘round these parts. Nearly put himself on the hot seat right there.

But it is the offseason for everybody, and in that spirit we can use this as a teachable moment. We can coach him up, break him down and build him back up so that he is ready for prime time and when the lights go on and there are no cue cards (or ‘cue cards) in sight, he’ll be ready to execute the proper usage of barbecue at a very high level.