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NC State offseason sportsball review: Wolfpack tops Texas Tech in overtime, 51-48

Kliff Kingsbury was just a quarterback at this time.

Kliff Kingsbury throws the ball

Happy Friday, everybody, and happy end to the offseason. Next week, fall camp will get underway and then it’s FOOTBALL SEASON WOOOOOOOOO. Ahem. I’m sorry, this never fails to get me excited, even when I know I’ll just be holding my breath throughout August that nobody gets hurt.

FOOTBALL. And so in the spirit of FOOTBALL, I re-watched the 2002 game between NC State and Texas Tech. This was a defining game in the Legend of T.A. McLendon, who is a legend despite never actually being that great, which may be confusing to some of you.

You will have to click on that link to watch it because I can’t embed it for some YouTube reason.

That contest had a little bit of everything, but it was also peak Chuck Amato NC State and a clear indicator of how good that 2002 team could be. The Wolfpack rolled up a huge lead on Texas Tech early in the second half thanks to a turnover and good defense, but the Red Raiders were built to turn on a dime.

The fourth quarter was a horror-show, and it was also aided a bit by the officials, but we can talk easily about it now because the Wolfpack won the game, fittingly, on another TA rushing touchdown.