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Maryland’s coaching staff is rotten to its core

Football guys!

NCAA Football: Michigan at Maryland Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

There is some news about the Maryland football program today, and none of it is good. This is the macho football culture that exists because everyone has to be Tough Enough. It’s very important that you’re tough enough. This mentality may have killed an offensive lineman.

There are reports that every dude on the team was harassed for his eating habits. Imagine if you grew up poor and then you finally caught a break and got a D-I scholarship and then there’s a bunch of assholes yelling at you about eating. How goddamned stupid is that?

That is college football, though. You can only make the breakthroughs you think you’ve made—there’s always going to be some scold who makes a huge salary for some reason while shouting at you about salad. Or force-feeding you candy bars, which is absolutely a normal punishment that normal people would think up.

All of these Maryland folks should be fired tomorrow, of course, but no doubt a thorough review is needed for some reason. These are the attitudes that get people killed.