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Non-conference football series between NC State and Duke appears unlikely anytime soon

We’ll see ‘em when we see ‘em, I guess.

Jamie Barnette #4
It hasn’t been quite this long since the two last played, but it feels like it sometimes.

WRAL hosted NC State AD Debbie Yow, Duke AD Kevin White, and UNC AD Bubba Cunningham for a roundtable discussion and Q-and-A session with fans. Among the topics that came up: the chances of a non-conference series between State and Duke.

Wake Forest and UNC scheduled their own non-conference home-and-home series a while back. That gets underway in 2019. As for State-Duke, the short answer is NOPE.

Both Yow and White essentially dodged the question by turning quickly to their own talking points on the divisional format. Yow wants them done away with (of course she does!), which would then naturally lead to more frequent games with Duke. White, on the other hand, likes the division format (of course he does!) and spouts some nonsense about the Atlantic and Coastal being effectively branded. We all know why they disagree on the value of the divisions.

They offered nary a hint that any sort of progress is being made on the Duke-State scheduling front. It appears that’s been off the table for a while, which is a shame, but when significant conference realignment and expansion occurs, it inevitably leads to anomalies like the Pack and Blue Devils only meeting once every 75 years or so, when Halley’s Comet is nearest. (The next matchup is set for 2061.)