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Welcome to the year of Kelvin Harmon

It’s about to be a big year for a big-play receiver.

NCAA Football: Syracuse at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

It’s hard to describe Kelvin Harmon exactly, but fortunately there are visuals where the words lack. When I think of Harmon, I think of this play from NC State’s game at Notre Dame last season:

(Side note: brilliant blitz pickup by Reggie Gallaspy to make this play possible.)

Harmon is great because he has good hands, he’s more than happy to be physical, and he understands exactly how that back shoulder is your best friend. He is also great because you can simply throw the ball the hell up to him—which Finley did more than a few times—and make it work. He fished Finley out of trouble on throws more than once last year.

There is a significant level of trust between those guys, and the thing too is it’s not like opposing secondaries can focus on Harmon without worrying about his teammates.

That will make a difference and will definitely help Harmon, but it doesn’t really matter, because see above.