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NC State wants fans to wear red (or white!) on Saturday

The team will be donning the red helmets for the season-opener.

North Carolina v North Carolina State Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Morning, folks and welcome to game week! We have all survived yet another seemingly-endless offseason. It’s good to have football back.

NC State announced its uniform combination for the opener against James Madison—red lids with the Tuffy logo, and red jerseys. Red, red, red. Everybody wear red.

(4 p.m. ET UPDATE: Actually, don’t wear red, if you sit in one of these white sections here. Then wear white instead! Apologies for any confusion—I assumed the hashtag that State used earlier today meant they wanted a red-out.

And I guess every game will have an empty football word attached to it. Urgency! Toughitudeness! Sportstrying!